Mijia Charging Desk Lamp Reading USB

Short Description:

  • Type of battery Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery Capacity 2000mAH
  • Charging voltage 5V
  • usage time 4h(100lm)7h(60lm)40h(10lm)
  • Color temperature 4500k,3200k,2600k
  • power 5W
  • Luminous flux 100lm(45000K)60lm(3200K)10lm(2600K)
  • Product Detail

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    Xiaomi Mijia Charging Desk Lamp  2000mAh USB Rechargable Portable Table  3 Grade Modes Dimming Reading Night Light


    Brightness, color temperature, three-speed adjustable

    Quickly switch between the three modes to meet multiple scenarios

    No video flash, no blue light damage

    Read and watch computer to play mobile phone more comfortable

    Full of power, rest assured to use all day

    Charging can also be used

    Plug and play, long-term use without fear of battery damage

    Pour down light

    Tile on your desktop

    Short press the switch light, long press the third gear to switch, easily meet your light

    demand. Quickly switch between the three modes, with proper brightness and color temperature

    Meet the needs of your different scenarios.

    4500K, high brightness mode

    Suitable for desk reading work

    3200K, medium brightness mode

    Look at the screen is not glare and more comfortable

    2600K, low brightness mode

    Night light, setting off the atmosphere


    Main Features

    Newest Xiaomi Mijia Charging Desk Lamp 2000mAh USB Rechargable Portable Table 3 Grade Modes Dimming Reading Night Light

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