Four Advantages of Xiaomi Whole House Home Series

A smart home can understand and operate according to the owner’s wishes. Knowing this, Xiaomi applied leading IoT technology to create many utilities to meet all human needs. Let’s take a look at the 4 outstanding advantages of Lumi’s smart home solutions – the pioneers in today’s smart home field.


Compared with other smart home systems, Mijia inherits the consistent cost-effectiveness of Xiaomi. Although the performance is not necessarily the best, relying on the bargaining power and scale effect of the Xiaomi ecological chain, it can produce acceptable performance at a relatively low price. The product provides consumers who like intelligence and have limited funds with an opportunity to experience high-tech smart life at their fingertips.


The Mijia smart home system is more closed than other smart home systems. Most of the connected products are designed by enterprises in the Xiaomi ecological chain according to a unified design language. From the appearance, they are relatively uniform and indifferent. , coupled with the simple shape and lines, although it is not necessarily beautiful, it will definitely not be messy. In this regard, it is very similar to Apple, so that you can know “Ah, this is a product of Mijia” at a glance, which is very recognizable.


Compared with the other two systems, Mijia can also be regarded as the most complete system in the domestic market. Xiaomi has put a lot of effort into the layout and operation of the smart home field compared to other companies. The product line is very wide, and it has initially covered various household appliances for daily needs. There are also intelligent renovation schemes suitable for old houses, which can help old houses realize intelligence to a certain extent.

In addition, Xiaomi has the smart speaker with the best user experience in China, Xiao Ai. When Xiao Ai meets Mijia smart home, it can also preset a smart instruction set for Xiao Ai to execute.

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Post time: Aug-16-2022