Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch for Home House Control 

Short Description:

  • Name Xiaomi Smart Home Wireless Switch
  • Model WXKG01LM
  • Brand Xiaomi Mijia
  • Type Wireless Switch
  • Color White
  • Battery Type CR2032 (included inside the device itself). Can be replaced.
  • Housing Material Anti-UV Material
  • Wireless Chip Zigbee Wireless
  • Respond Time 15ms
  • Package Weight 36g
  • Sensor Size 5 x 1 cm (Radius x H)
  • Package Size 8.3 x 8.3 x 1.8 cm (L x W x H)
  • Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Smart Home Wireless Switch, 1 x User Manual
  • Product Detail

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    Automation Use Case Examples:

    Single click to?turn on/off specific Yeelight Light Bulbs?or Yeelight Ceiling Lamp or Yeelight Light Strip just Double Click to turn?on/off all the light bulbs in the room, Press and Hold to turn off all the lights in the whole home. Don’t have Smart Yeelights, turn your normal lights into smart lights by replacing your normal wall switches with Aqara Wall Switches, you will then be able to turn on/off your normal lights with this wireless switch.

    Use the switch as a doorbell. Using different doorbell tunes for Single, Double or Press and Hold. This way you will know if the person is a guest or family member.

    Turn off all appliances which are plugged into Mi smart socket via setting intelligent trigger condition.

    Plug any required device into the Xiaomi smart socket, and now you can control turn on/off the appliance automatically. You no longer required to walk to the existing switch or socket.


    ● With the Mi Wireless Switch, you can control many different devices connected to the Mi Smart Home System.
    ● The button can be easily configured to perform single actions and entire scenes, up to 6 actions simultaneously. The model can be used as a panic button, and when pressed, a notification will be sent to the owner's smartphone.
    ● The Mi Wireless Switch comes in a compact package that can be mounted either on the wall or under a table.
    ● Operationally, the device uses a CR2032 battery, which takes longer to charge. This button will be a great solution for home use and business tasks.
    ● Features: Controlled by Mijia App.

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